posted by jwerner on Friday, June 25, 2021 7:59 AM

This is a PHP script for commandline bulk export of training data from

It has been checked to work with the current login flow (adding CSRF token) and download links at as of May 2021.

The script is forked from naiboo/flowexporter.



  • Edit the script flow-export.php
  • Edit the settings at the beginning of the file
  • In a console window, run the file with the PHP interpreter
    • On windows, start a Command shell
    • CD into the script directory
    • Run php flow-export.php
  • Or, on Windows, double-click the file start.bat
  • The export directory will be created, if it does not exist yet
  • The script logs in at with your credentials
  • It gets a list of training records within the specified date range
  • The training list is saved to a JSON file named training_list_YYYY-MM-DD_His.json
  • It loops through the list and downloads all training TCX files
    • If zip download is configured, the zip files get extracted and removed


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